White + Pink

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POM - Peace of Mind

Model: POM Key
Ring: Pink                                                                                              Strength: 10% O.C. (1.33% M.C.)                                                                  Specs: ½ oz can, 10 seconds or 20 bursts                                                                Range: up to 10 feet 

Our patented flip top design with a convenient key ring! Easily attaches to any key ring or key ring accessory, so you can enjoy peace of mind anywhere you go. To use your POM, insert your thumb beneath flip-top and depress actuator. POM uses a natural, water based, non-toxic formulation that is strong yet safe. Choose from a selection of modern and chic colors that make this discreet pepper spray unlike any you’ve seen or used before. POM is the most innovative personal defense spray designed to let you confidently tackle all of life’s adventures.


Shout out your inner energy and passion for life with a hot pink hue. This is a color that’s assertive, vibrant, and stimulating, and attracts others with its exciting spirit.

Attributes: kindness, outgoing, happy, loving